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Sanfuss Plush Calming Circular Dog Bed

Sanfuss Plush Calming Circular Dog Bed

Your dog's new safe place
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Need help with product sizing? Refer to our sizing guide. All sizes listed are full external diameters. The raised ring reduces the internal space by around 10".

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A calming oasis for your stressed pup

Studies show 70% of dogs display signs of anxiety. The Sanfuss Plush Calming Circular Dog Bed is designed to provide a calming oasis for your dog, aiding in relaxation and stress relief. Every dog needs a place to feel safe and relaxed.

Purchase with peace of mind

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  • Backed by Sanfuss' great customer support
  • Affordable pricing due to our innovative design
  • Follow our recommendations or sizing guide to get the perfect size
  • Made of luxurious fleece and plush
  • Holds up well to machine washing

The best value on the market

With it's comforting all around support the Sanfuss Plush Calming Circular Dog Bed will easily become your dog's favorite place to hang out at a price that will also make you happy. Happy people, happy pets is the Sanfuss promise.

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Is your dog bed hypoallergenic?

Because of the materials used our dog bed is not designed to be hypoallergenic. To maximize comfort we've made the choice to use cotton based plush filling, which can trap dust and other allergens. Consider a latex or foam based dog bed instead if you're searching for a hypoallergenic dog bed.

What size should I get?

All sizes listed in inches are the full external diameter of the bed. The raised ring around the bed takes up approximately 10". This means the internal usable space is smaller than the listed size. Refer to our sizing guide for suggestions and guidance.

How stuffed is your bed?

This bed is extremely soft but medium stuffed. If you're looking for an extremely elevated bed, we suggest looking at a foam based option or a dog mattress instead.