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Sanfuss Plush Calming Circular Dog Bed

Sanfuss Plush Calming Circular Dog Bed

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Need help with product sizing? Refer to our sizing guide. All sizes listed are full external diameters. Allow around 10" for the raised ring.

Introducing the Sanfuss Plush Calming Circular Dog Bed. The ultimate comfort for dog owners seeking tranquility for their anxious pups. This bed is designed to provide a calming oasis for your dog, aiding in relaxation and stress relief. Every dog needs a place to feel safe and relaxed. The Sanfuss Plush Calming Circular Dog Bed provides just that.
  1. Machine Washable. We know our best friends can be a mess sometimes. Our bed is machine washable, and all sizes fit quite easily into the washing machine. Making cleaning a breeze!
  2. Super Comfy. Crafted our of luxurious fleece, our bed offers unparalleled comfort. The plush helps your dog feel supported and gives them a place to nestle in to.
  3. Fashionable Colors. Choose from a wide variety of stylish colors! There are many options to match your home's décor or your pet's personality.
  4. Perfect Sizing for All Breeds. Whether you have a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, our bed comes in sizes that fit every type of dog. Find the perfect fit for your pet's comfort. Refer to our sizing guide for more details, as the internal usable space varies (see the note below).
Our bed's not the only thing that's special. At Sanfuss we also provide you with peace of mind that you're shopping with the right brand.
  1. Excellent and responsive customer service for all customers
  2. We provide a 30-day money back guarantee on all products. Try our products risk free.
  3. Our product is relatively new, and to reflect that we offer low introductory sale pricing. Try it out, love it, and let us know!
Our circular plush dog bed is more than just a bed; it's a commitment to your pet's well-being and your peace of mind. With top-of-the-line features and an eye for design, it stands out as a superior choice. Invest in your furry friend's comfort today.
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  • Because of the materials our dog bed is not designed to be hypoallergenic. We've made the choice to use cotton based plush filling. Consider a latex or foam based dog bed instead if you need a hypoallergenic dog bed.
  • All sizes listed in inches are the full external diameter of the bed. The raised ring around the bed takes up approximately 10". This means the internal usable space is smaller than the listed size. Refer to our sizing guide for suggestions and guidance.
  • This bed is extremely fluffy but medium stuffed. If you're looking for an extremely elevated bed, we suggest looking at a foam based option. Our foam based hypoallergenic dog bed is coming soon!
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