Limited offer on our Plush Calming Circular Dog Bed Kit

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Comfort your pet is guaranteed to love, a full destress toolkit for you

Studies show more than 70% of dogs experience anxiety. Creating a comforting space that feels safe is one of the best ways to tackle that.

More than just another dog bed that your dog will love, you'll also receive our calming bed spray and training guide. Used in conjunction together our bed kit will help reduce your dog's stress in no time.

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What's Inside?

Our calming pet bed spray. Made with natural calming aromatics like Lavender and Chamomile, our calming bed spray will train your pet to love their bed and feel calm in it.

Our premium plush calming circular dog bed. Creating a calm, relaxing space for your dog to feel at home.

Our 30+ page behavior created training guide. Learn what causes anxiety and the best tools to deal with it.

Our Motto is Happy People, Happy Pets

As a dog owner of a wonder sassy corgi, I know being a dog owner can be tough at times.

We're here to help you and your furry loved ones. Sanfuss has designed and tested our plush calming circular dog bed to offer an amazing experience your dog will love. Our guide and bed spray will make it easy for you to eliminate stress from your dog's life. We also want to make sure you're taken care of! We offer amazing customer service, peace of mind with your purchase through our 90-day guarantee, and great pricing.


Remove stress, anxiety, and discomfort

Our guide, bed spray, and amazing pet bed will ensure you're able to create an amazing calming space for your dog. Reduce your dog's stress with our calming bed kit.


Comfort your dog will instantly fall in love with

The first time we got one home to test our dog instantly fell in love with it! We've heard the same over and over again from our customers.

What our customers are saying:



My Belgian Shepherd was very comfortable on the 39" bed.

— Miriam



The package is vacuum-packed, so it's small and thin. I wasn't sure at first, but once you open the package it fluffs out to the actual size. Perfect size for my 33lb Jindo Mix.

— Sydnie